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The following software is available for download only by NVG customers.  All ingest programs require NVG hardware in order to run.  The MEGAVIEW97 display program requires imagery produced by NVG ingest programs. 


Questions, comments and bug reports are more than welcome.  Email us at nvg@nvgweather.com or call us at (651) 698-2187.


Some files below are self-extracting Zip files.  Activate them by double clicking on the file name in Windows Explorer or typing the file name in a DOS window.




APTFULL.ZIP  ( 2.4 MB )  3/22/04

Full install of latest version of APT97 program.  Unzip, run setup.exe.



AUTOFTP.ZIP ( 187 KB ) 9/27/07

Latest version of the AutoFTP program

DSIG6_FULL.ZIP ( 7+MB )  11/08

Newest full install - MSG LRIT capability - unzip, run setup.exe



   (for use with new DSIG 6—unzip into DSIG6\Help\PDFs directory



Latest pre-release of DSIG.EXE for testing.



MEGAFULL.ZIP  ( 15  MB )  3/20/05

Full install of Megaview97 + the new Megaview3.  Unzip, run setup.exe.



MEGA_LATEST.ZIP   Latest pre-release of Megaview



USB Receiver Drivers:    ezusb.sys and qcusb.inf  (13 KB, 3 KB)


NVG_KEY Drivers:     NVG_KEY.ZIP  ( 1.3 MB )






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