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Listed below are a number of “Quick User Guides” in PDF format.  These are meant to provide basic information for proper operation of our equipment and software.  For the most part each is limited to one or two pages and could be printed (maybe even laminated) and kept with the systems for quick reference.


Some of the guides make reference to others, so the best thing to do is to download guides into one directory so that referenced guides are easily found.


This list will change as more guides are added and as current guides are updated.  So, check back here if you are in doubt about whether your copies are the most up to date available.



Determining Satellite

     Satellite_Choices.pdf  (3/18/06, 45 KB)


System Diagrams

     Interconnect_Diagram.pdf  (3/18/06, 330 KB)

     Drivebay-USB_Receiver_Connection_Diagram.pdf  (8/3/06, 70 KB)


Tactical Antenna Setup

     Antenna_Assembly_Manual.pdf  (3/18/06, 13.5 MB)


Aiming Antenna

     Inclined_Orbit_Satellite_Tracking.pdf  (3/22/06, 53 KB)


Installing Software

     Installing_USB_Receiver_Drivers.pdf  (8/3/06, 33 KB)

          See Updates Page to download drivers if necessary.


DSIG Startup/Operation

     DSIG_Quick_Start.pdf  (3/22/06,  42 KB)

     DSIG_Drivebay-USB_System_Setup.pdf  (8/6/06,  50KB)


Defining Image Sectors with Megaview

     Sector_Definition_Instructions.pdf  (3/24/06,  800KB)

     New_Format_Sector_Definition_Instructions.pdf  (8/6/06, 400KB)

     Special Reference Image (place in Megaview>Reference_images dir)



Satellite Specific Guides (click satellite name at left)


Compilation of all Guides

     All_Guides_Compilation.zip  (2011, pdf file, 29MB)