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This page is under construction.  However, you may download product literature and spec sheets in PDF format.


High Resolution Digital Systems/Components


     DSIG-2000 Digital Satellite Image Groundstation   (DSIG2000.pdf,  72K)

     DSIG-5000 Tactical Digital Groundstation  (DSIG5000.pdf,  162K))

     Hi-Res Receiving Components  (RcvComp.pdf,  75K)

     DISH-23T  Tactical Dish Antenna  (TacticalAntenna.pdf,  209K)

     MetCom Second Generation Receiver   (MetComSG-ab.pdf, 108K)

     Tactical Satellite Receiver (Tactical_Receiver.pdf,  2.3M)

     LNB-1691 Downconverter  (LNB-ab.pdf,  108K)

     ESD-1691 Downconverter   (ESD-ab.pdf,  116K)



Price List

    Components and Systems Price List   (PRICE_LIST.pdf,   70K)



Weather Facsimile Systems

     (these products obsolete and are no longer produced)


     PPA-500 Parallel Port Acquisition Unit    (PPA500.pdf,  74K)

     WEFAX/APT Acquisition Components    (AnalogCompon.pdf,  105K)



Miscellaneous Literature


     Representative User List (UserList.pdf,  52K)





     DSIG-5000TU.pptx, PowerPoint 2007    (7.6 MB)


     DSIG-5000TU.ppt, PowerPoint 97 - 2003  (12 MB)